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Pollen mud ought to begin washing away with rain coming this week

By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Government Climate Producer 

BOSTON – It is at all times one thing in New England. You make plans for a barbeque within the spring time after which it rains (see Memorial Day Weekend 2021). Otherwise you need to go to the seashore and if you depart your home it is sunny and 80, solely to however on the shore it’s cloudy and 55 with a bone-chilling wind off the ocean.

Or, see this previous weekend. Sunday couldn’t have been higher.

Sunshine… test

Low Humidity… test

Gentle Breeze… test

Comfortable Temperatures… test

Waves of pollen wafting into your lungs, inflicting you to sneeze and wheeze, overlaying your automobile, deck and patio in a gross yellow-green slime… test


CBS Boston


I’m pretty sure that should you have been to chop me open proper now, you’d suppose I have been an alien being. Inexperienced lungs and sinuses for positive.

So, the million-dollar query on this Monday, when will pollen season be over?

To correctly reply that, first, let’s take the thousand-foot view. Pollen season in New England lasts from about April by means of September and is available in waves.

Tree pollen season begins on the finish of March and actually will get getting in April and Might.

Grass pollen season begins a bit later, in Might and goes by means of a lot of the summer season, with totally different grasses peaking at totally different instances.

Lastly, weed pollen season peaks in August and September, basically lasting till the primary frost.


CBS Boston

This time of 12 months is commonly the worst for allergy victims as a result of mixture of a close to peaking of tree pollen and grass pollens abruptly. That yellow-green stuff wafting round for the previous few weeks is pine pollen, one of many final tree pollens to peak. Pine pollen can also be one of many largest pollen grains, therefore why it’s so way more seen. Pine pollen grains are thrice bigger than the common grass pollen, most of that are microscopic. So, in reality, whereas the pine pollen might seem to be the worst, it’s principally the stuff you can not see that’s actually affecting your sinuses. You additionally might have seen the white, puffy stuff floating round just lately. These are literally seeds, not pollen, from the Cottonwood and Poplar household. Once more, a case of the stuff you’ll be able to see, not being all that dangerous.

Does it seem to be this 12 months is worse than normal? And would not it seem to be we are saying that EVERY 12 months?

I believe this 12 months is pretty typical. It could be a bit worse than the previous few years due to the comparatively dry circumstances we’ve had in Might and early June. Whereas we’ve had a number of rain occasions, they’ve been considerably spotty and never almost sufficient to scrub all of the pollen away. A big portion of japanese Massachusetts is in a “reasonable drought” proper now. Examine that to final Might when Boston had almost 5 inches of rain and bought soaked for 4 straight days over Memorial Day weekend.

Now for the excellent news! 

Tree pollen season has peaked and might be nearly carried out inside a number of weeks. Mix that with an unsettled/moist sample within the subsequent 7 days and far of that inexperienced slime in your deck needs to be washed away. 


CBS Boston

Sure, we are going to nonetheless have some grass pollen round for some time, however the subsequent “massive peak” for allergy victims would not actually come till mid-August when the ragweed and mildew seasons arrive.



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