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‘Methuselah’ bristlecone pine could now not be world’s oldest tree

Scientists have found a brand new contender for the oldest tree on the planet, doubtlessly bumping California’s historic bristlecone pine tree from the highest spot.

The state’s “Methuselah” bristlecone pine tree has been thought-about one of many oldest dwelling bushes on Earth since its rings had been counted in 1957. The tree, positioned excessive within the White Mountains of Inyo County close to Bishop, is estimated to be 4,853 years previous.

Researchers in Chile, nonetheless, just lately recognized a brand new challenger to the world’s oldest tree from the depths of a ravine in Chile’s Alerce Costero Nationwide Park.

The tree, dubbed the “Alerce Milenario” or “Gran Abuelo,” could also be greater than 5,000 years previous, in response to a brand new report in Science journal. Jonathan Barichivich, a scientist from Chile who focuses on dendrochronology, and his colleague Antonio Lara introduced their findings final month. Dendrochronology is the examine of monitoring tree age through the use of progress rings.

In 1993, Lara and a colleague found an alerce tree stump in Chile that was greater than 3,622 years previous, inserting alerce bushes above large sequoias as among the many oldest bushes on the planet. In 2020, Lara and Barichivich returned to the forest to take a pattern from the Alerce Milenario.

The declare of the 5-millennia-old tree could also be met with skepticism from the scientific group, nonetheless, because the estimate of the tree’s age doesn’t contain a full out of tree progress rings, in response to Science.

As an alternative of taking a full core pattern of the tree’s rings, Barichivich and Lara used an increment borer to attract a slim plug of wooden from the tree. The partial pattern of the tree’s wooden confirmed about 2,400 progress rings.

Barichivich then compiled a statistical evaluation to estimate the age vary of the tree, in response to Science. The mannequin compiled full core samples and environmental elements. In line with Barichivich’s findings, which haven’t been revealed but, the tree was estimated to be about 5,484 years previous and had an 80% probability of being greater than 5,000 years previous.



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