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Ann Widdecombe slams Tory MP no confidence because it ‘solely serves Labour’ | Politics | Information

In a livid diatribe, former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe lashed out at Conservative rebels who despatched in no-confidence letters and will probably oust Prime Minister Boris Johnson tonight in a confidence vote. She stated they need to be concentrating on the true ‘enemy’ – the Labour celebration – as an alternative of stirring up a civil conflict inside the Conservative Celebration. 

She hit out at Tory rebels on GB Information, saying: “The one individual, the one individuals who will profit from that is Keir Starmer and the Labour celebration.”


“No person else goes to learn”, Ms Widdecombe stated. 

“And there isn’t some nice trigger that’s driving this.

“There’s a trigger that was driving the ousting of Theresa Might, which was getting Brexit achieved. And there was a unity round a trigger.

“There’s no trigger right here.”

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Ms Widdecombe continued: “What you’ve received here’s a determined gaggle of MPs with an enormous vary of motives. A few of them are too new to the sport, they’re severely scared whereas others had seen all of it earlier than.

“Then, you’ve received these like Tobias Ellwood who stated over the weekend: effectively, if we eliminate Boris, we will re-join the only market. I imply heavens above; they nonetheless wish to struggle that.”

“Then, we’ve received individuals like Andrew Bridgen who usually talks sense however who’s come out in opposition to Boris.

“After which says: however we want to verify whoever succeeds him is, I quote: ‘isn’t a Brexiteer, he can’t make certain.’

“What he’s truly proposing is to ditch a confirmed Brexiteer for an uncertainty.”

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“However the motives are huge, they’re vast. And everyone is preventing everyone else besides Labour. That’s who they need to be preventing.

“They need to be concentrating on the enemy in entrance of them”, Ms Widdecombe added. 

Ms Widdecombe’s name comes as Tory MPs are about to carry a confidence vote in opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It stays unclear whether or not Tory rebels will garner the 180 votes required to oust Mr Johnson.



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