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20 Japanese Drinks To Strive When Visiting Japan In 2022

Japan’s robust traditions and the nation’s eager sense for discovery have impressed many unimaginable feats of human achievement. The Land of the Rising Solar has serene temples, tranquil onsens and beautiful mountains. A number one nation in automation, robotics and synthetic intelligence, Japan additionally tops the charts relating to meals, drinks and popular culture.

Japanese drinks are impressed by a deal with well-being and getting in contact with nature. From high-quality tea and sake rice wine to internationally acclaimed whisky and Japanese cocktails, Japan likes to experiment with new tastes and flavours whereas remaining rooted in custom. This mix of outdated and new creates a vibrant meals and drinks scene that’s compelling. So, say kanpai to cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji and get into the spirit of Japan if you go to.

20 Japanese Drinks

Japanese Liqueurs

1- Shochu

japanese alcoholic drinks shochu decanter wtih two cups
One of many conventional Japanese drinks to strive is shochu, which has similarities to soju.

Shochu is an more and more in style Japanese distilled liqueur created from grains and greens resembling candy potato, rice, barley, sugar cane and buckwheat. 

Shochu is much like Korean soju and whereas each are made utilizing fermented components, soju has flavouring and sweeteners, however the guidelines for Shochu are a lot stricter. 

Shochu has a singular flavour that stands out from different liqueurs and spirits in the marketplace and is normally drunk with a meal in Japan.

Most Shochus comprise alcohol by quantity content material of round 20% to 25%. 

Though completely fulfilling over ice, Shochu is usually reduce with sizzling water warmed in a standard Japanese teapot to decrease its alcohol content material.

By including the Shochu to sizzling water in a glass, the heavier gravity of the alcohol will naturally stir the combination. 

This permits the drink to be consumed with a meal with out overwhelming the senses. 

Broadly touted as Japan’s signature drink alongside Sake, Shochu is the right drink to kick off your journey by means of this mesmerising nation.          

2- Awamori

Visiting Japan? Strive these 20 Japanese drinks, from inexperienced tea to plum wine.

Japan’s oldest distilled spirit, Awamori, is the precursor to Shochu and an indigenous Okinawa staple.  

The Japanese liqueur originated 500 years in the past through the late 14th century when distillation methods arrived in Okinawa from Thailand (then Siam).

Given as tributary items to the Chinese language and Japanese by the Ryukyu Kingdom as early as 1429, Awamori is aged for not less than three years earlier than being consumed. 

Ingrained within the Okinawan tradition, Awamori continues to be produced throughout households on the island and stays a well-liked Okinawan custom handed down from era to era.

3- Japanese Whisky

japanese alcoholic drinks whiskey with ice cube on bar counter
A superb Japanese alcoholic drink to order is Japanese Whiskey.

Japanese Whisky is a double-distilled liqueur made utilizing conventional Scottish whiskey-making methods, normally from malted or pelted barley. 

Whiskey manufacturing in Japan started in 1870 and the primary business distillery, Yamakazi distillery in Osaka, opened in 1924. 

Smokier, dryer, and fewer candy than typical American Bourbon, Japanese Whisky is produced with imported barley from the British Isles to imitate the style of conventional Scottish and Irish whiskies. 

Japanese Whisky ranks up there with a number of the greatest on the earth and is turning into more and more in style exterior of Japan. 

With its enhance in recognition worldwide, Japanese Whisky is usually in restricted provide, so it’s greatest to pattern some within the nation to keep away from lacking out on Japan’s twist on a basic liquor. 

4- Yuzushu

Yuzushu is a Japanese liqueur created from the yuzu, a citrusy, mandarin-like fruit from mainland China. 

The yuzu fruit is utilized in varied dishes, merchandise and drinks however isn’t consumed by itself.

The abundance and recognition of the yuzu in in style Japanese dishes led to the creation of Yuzushu.

The yuzu offers Yuzushu its fruity and tangy flavour. 

It’s fulfilling as an aperitif, as a part of a cocktail, or to boost a dessert.

5- Sakura

japanese alcoholic drinks sakura in a bottle
Sipping Sakura (a Japanese alcoholic drink) in springtime whereas admiring the cherry blossoms is a pleasurable solution to get pleasure from your self.

Whereas most individuals consider sakura as Japan’s vibrant cherry blossoms, sakura can also be a well-liked Japanese alcoholic drink. 

Sakura liqueur is made by mixing rice sake with the Sakura flower’s sweetness to create a delectably genuine Japanese drink. 

It’s a seasonal drink produced by varied distilleries throughout Japan, so getting your fingers on a bottle will be difficult. 

One of the best time to go to Japan to style Sakura liqueur is in spring when the Sakura timber are in full bloom and ripe for choosing.

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Japanese Beer

japanese alcoholic drinks light beer shrimps tempura with lime in black plate and glass of light beer on dark concrete surface background.
Japanese beer goes down effectively with tempura.

6- Asahi

Asahi, which implies ‘morning solar’ is one among Japan’s hottest beer manufacturers.

It originated in 1889 in Osaka, making Asahi beer effectively over 100 years outdated.   

Asahi is a Japanese ‘Karakuchi’ model beer with a dry crisp style that’s excellent for having fun with throughout sizzling summer time days.

It’s a rice and barley-based lager, which supplies the beer its distinct mild color and flavour. 

Asahi incorporates about 5% alcohol by quantity and is the right beer to pattern throughout your keep in Japan for its refreshing style.

7- Happoshu

Happoshu may seem to be an everyday beer, however as soon as you’re taking a sip of this Japanese alcoholic drink, you’ll rapidly realise it’s completely different from conventional pilsners or lagers.

Made with lower than 67% malt, an important ingredient of any conventional beer, Happoshu is a refreshing drink that mixes components resembling soybeans, starch and corn with malt to offer it a singular flavour.

Whereas beer puritans may frown upon a glass of Happoshu being known as beer, the drink is a health-conscious various to mild beer and cheaper than different Japanese beer as a result of nation’s strict alcohol tariffs.

Japanese Drinks And Non-Alcoholic Drinks

8- Inexperienced tea

japanese drinks green tea with tea leaves in the water
Inexperienced tea is without doubt one of the most well-known Japanese drinks you’ll discover all through the nation.

Japanese inexperienced tea is consumed all through Japan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and different instances as effectively. 

Inexperienced tea is so prevalent within the nation that there’s a ‘Inexperienced Tea Day’ Ryokucha No Hello, though inexperienced tea didn’t originate in Japan.  

Dropped at the nation by Japanese Buddhist monks from mainland China in 805, inexperienced tea was a favorite brew of the clergy, nonetheless, the beverage rapidly caught on with aristocrats earlier than turning into a staple beverage throughout Japan.

9- Shōgayu

japanese drinks ginger on a wooden spoon next to cup of tea
One of many in style Japanese drinks for its well being advantages is Shōgayu or Japanese Ginger Tea.

Shōgayu is a sizzling beverage usually served throughout winter months to fight signs of colds and flu. 

The honey ginger tea is in style all through Asia for its well being advantages and has been used for generations as a house treatment of types. 

Each Japanese family produces a model of Shōgayu, with some including a touch of citrus whereas others could add a touch of honey or different varieties of tea leaves for flavour. 

This makes sampling conventional Shōgayu a singular expertise, as no two recipes style the identical.       

10- Matcha

japanese drinks green tea matcha latte
Among the finest Japanese drinks to strive whereas exploring is inexperienced tea matcha latte.

Matcha is a potent Japanese drink made by grounding the Camellia Sinensis plant’s leaves (the identical plant used to make inexperienced tea) into fantastic inexperienced mud.

This Japanese drink incorporates much more caffeine, antioxidants and well being advantages than Japanese inexperienced tea.

Matcha has turn out to be in style in recent times because of claims of aiding weight reduction and lowering the danger of coronary heart illness. 

You could find it in lattes, teas and desserts.           

11- Uroncha

japanese drinks tea pot and cups for ceremony
Tea is without doubt one of the most consumed drinks in Japan.

Uroncha tea, or Oolong tea, is a sizzling beverage with a flavour profile that locations it someplace between inexperienced tea and black tea. 

Uroncha tea’s pure oxidation properties give the mix a singular floral style, with Uroncha tea believed to be a digestive and blood sugar degree regulator.

This mix of tastiness and well being advantages makes Uroncha tea a favorite Japanese beverage for a lot of. 

Whereas Uroncha tea is usually served at Izakaya bars as a digestif after consuming alcoholic drinks, you’ll discover Uroncha in every single place in Japan. 

Search for packaged dried tea leaves and ready-to-drink Uroncha in Japanese grocery shops and merchandising machines.                                                                                    

12- Aojiru

Japanese juice drinks aojiru glass of green liquid with green leafy vegetables in the background
One of many in style Japanese drinks with out alcohol is Aojiru.

Aojiru, which interprets to ‘inexperienced juice’ in English, is a vegetable-based drink normally loved as a wholesome various to alcohol and sugary sodas. 

Largely consisting of kale or barley grass and varied different greens, Aojiru is alleged to fight ageing and assist weight reduction and reduce the danger of most cancers, which is why the drink has turn out to be so in style among the many health-conscious in Japan. 

Up to now, Aojiru had been notoriously disagreeable to drink and served to contestants on in style Japanese recreation reveals as playful punishment. 

Nowadays, Aojiru has turn out to be a extra palatable drink by including fruit juice or milk to the combination. 

Whereas Aojiru is an acquired style, it’s a Japanese drink it’s best to strive after working up a thirst whereas wandering across the temples of Japan. 

13- Pocari Sweat

Pocari Sweat is Japan’s hottest sports activities drink and the Japanese model of Gatorade. 

Marketed as an ‘ion provide drink’ in Japan, Pocari Sweat is drunk by athletes and outside lovers who require a lift of electrolytes whereas on the go.

First produced in 1980 by the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Firm, Pocari Sweat is at this time offered throughout Asia, the Center East and even Australia. 

Non-carbonated and barely salty, Pocari Sweat is available in sachets that you may combine with water and ready-to-drink bottles.

14- Amazake

Japanese rice drinks amazake bowl with wooden spoon on a white background
For those who’re on the lookout for a standard Japanese drink, Amazake suits the invoice.

A sweet-tasting drink created from fermented rice, Amazake is a Japanese staple that originated through the Kofun interval between 300 and 538 AD. 

Amazake could be very excessive in vitamins and is usually loved all through the nation as a dessert, snack, smoothie or just as a tasty beverage.

Amazake has a wealthy milky texture and is the alcohol-free model of sake. 

One of the best place to get pleasure from genuine Amazake is, indisputably, in a standard Japanese mountaintop hut, the place you may sip Amazake whereas gazing at misty mountains from excessive above.

Japanese Cocktails

15- Japanese Highball

japanese highball cocktail two glasses with ice and slices of lemon
For those who’re undecided what to order at a bar, strive a Japanese Highball Cocktail.

Japanese Highball is a cocktail that mixes genuine Japanese Whisky with glowing water to create a palatable on a regular basis drink. 

Impressed by the standard Whiskey Highball from the 1900s, the Japanese Highball is a low alcoholic cocktail normally created from one half Japanese Whisky, 4 components of glowing water and one lemon to high the drink off.

Regardless of being simple sufficient to make at house, there’s one thing particular about knocking again a few Japanese Highballs in a bar in Tokyo or Osaka.  

16- Matcha Hai

japanese drinks matcha cocktail with black background
One other in style Japanese drink is a Matcha cocktail.

Many Japanese cocktails use matcha as a mixer so as to add a uniquely Japanese style, with the Matcha Hai being some of the in style.

This vivid inexperienced concoction is a highball cocktail, diluting the alcoholic content material of shochu with matcha and glowing water into an easy-to-drink cocktail that slides down at any time of the day.

Present in bars and eating places throughout Japan, a inexperienced tea model of the Matcha Hai often called a Roku Hai is simply as scrumptious because the Matcha Hai cocktail.    

17- Umeshu Tonic

Umeshu Tonic is a cocktail of Japanese Umeshu plum wine and tonic water to create a basic Japanese drink match for any event.

The Umeshu Tonic was created out of a must dilute the Umeshu plum liqueur’s candy style right into a decrease alcoholic drink that most individuals can get pleasure from at any time of the day with out getting too drunk. 

Umeshu will be combined with different mixers like gin and lemon soda, however its distinctive flavour is greatest savoured with tonic water.                                                                            

Japanese Wine

18- Sake

japanese alcoholic drinks sake barrels
Of all of the Japanese drinks, you will discover sake wherever on the earth however consuming it whereas exploring Japan makes the expertise further particular. Take a look at the sake barrels at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

Though its actual origins could stay unknown, sake is an iconic Japanese drink that has been a part of the tradition for the reason that third century. 

A sort of wine created from fermented rice historically served in one among three varieties of cups, an Ochoko cup, a Sakazuki cup, or a Masu cup, sake is probably the most well-known Japanese drink worldwide. 

Sake was supplied to the gods throughout rites and festivals all through Japanese historical past. 

There are at present over 1,500 forms of sake produced in Japan, with every having a singular flavour and depth. 

Some have undertones of fruits, herbs, or flowers, whereas some could style sweeter, making sampling Japanese Sake an intriguing expertise for the tastebuds. 

19- Umeshu

japanese drinks alcohol umeshu in a bowl with green plums in background
One of many Japanese drinks (alcohol) to strive whereas in Japan is Umeshu.

Though Umeshu is extra of a liqueur than conventional wine, this Japanese favorite is ideal for sipping at any temperature and can be utilized as a mixer in cocktails, resembling Umeshu Tonic. 

Umeshu is a plum-based ‘wine’ created from plums soaked in liquor and sugar, with 10 to fifteen% alcohol. 

With a sweet-sour style and varied fruity undertones, Umeshu is available in all types of types and will be made utilizing both contemporary plums or plum flavouring. 

Umeshu will be discovered throughout Japan, nonetheless, a number of the best Japanese Umeshus are the do-it-yourself variations crafted by following household recipes handed down from era to era. 

20- Momoshu

traditional japanese drinks Momoshu in bowl with jar of peaches in the background
Momoshu is a kind of conventional Japanese drinks that’s simple to sip.

Momoshu, very like Umeshu, is a half-wine, half-liqueur Japanese drink created from white peaches as an alternative of plums to create a divine candy and fruity delicacy.

Made by soaking white peaches in sugar and liquor for wherever between 6 to 12 months, Momoshu’s alcoholic content material is considerably decrease than your typical liqueurs or wines. 

Wonderful to make use of in a cocktail or to be savoured by itself, Momoshu is the best drink to cap off your journey by means of Japan.   

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